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[LINKS - ENG SUB] MBCEvery1 Weekly Idol:
Episode 001: 110723 Ranking
Episode 004: 110813 Part 1 + Part 2
Episode 020: 111203 deleted scene
Episode 023: 111224 Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3
Episode 047: 120613 Part 1 + Part 2
Episode 048: 120620 Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3
Episode 056: 120815 (Jeju Island) Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3
Episode 064: 121010 (Hoya & Sunggyu)Part 1 + Part 2
Episode 075: 121226 (Sunggyu)Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 + Part 4
Episode 079: 130123 (INFINITE H)Part 1 + Part 2
Episode 093: 130501 Part 1 + Part 2
Episode 094: 130508 Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3
Episode 107: 130807
Episode 152: 140625
Episode 153: 140702

Cuts (quiz):
121031 Sunggyu ‘Mr. “Gyu Energy”’
131204 Which one if Sunggyu’s tree? (Sunggyu=
140101 Who is the owner of the luggage? (Woohyun/Hoya)
140115 Fastest member to reach the top (Sungyeol/Hoya)
140129 What did Sunggyu eat on his trip to Jeonju? (Sunggyu)
140205 Who is the actress? (Sunggyu & Heechul)
140326 Who is the remaining member who moved into the same home as Hoya and Sunggyu? (Woohyun/Dongwoo)
140430 Which member is the one coolly taking care of the notebook’s cost? (Sunggyu/L)
140430 Who’s this idol that is dancing ornately at his high school’s sport competition? (Hoya/Junhyung)
140507 Which food did he treat his fans? (Hoya)
140507 Which food did he treat his fans to? (Hoya)
140514 How many of the stacked tiles did Sunggyu break? (Sunggyu)
140521 What was Hoya’s real name when he was young (before the name change)? (Hoya)
140521 Which kind of bean do Yoseob and Sunggyu both not eat in rice? (Sunggyu & Yoseob)
140528 Which item did Woohyun secretly steal from Sunggyu? (Sunggyu & Woohyun)
140604 Who’s this person that took drunk Key back to his dorm? (Woohyun & Key)
140611 What is his strange sleeping habit that everyone (his members) acknoledge? (L)
140625 Where is he paler? (Woohyun)
140702 Which song did kind Sunggyu play for Defconn? (Sunggyu)
Which APink’s member’s photo did Sungyeol take aside? (Sungyeol)
140820 What does Sunggyu do when he answers Junhyung’s calls? (Sunggyu & Junhyung)

Note; Will be adding the rest of the videos as they appear on Weekly Idol.
Source: bb-Toki; Youtube
Shared by: fyeah-infinite; take out with full credits.

"Watch how I do it."
— Kim Sung Kyu

Ize Magazine August Issue ‘14
© Korean photoshoots


Incheon Airport 140808
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Behind the making of Fanta CF

When you thought Mino could look coo… NOPE.


Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up so Song Minho did not bothered with the toll fee.

WINNER + Symbolism → I'm Him (Dogs)

The music video starts off with Mino in a cage along with the other dogs. At first, he’s at the same level as them— as seen with the beast like graphics on his face. The dogs represent other rappers — either underground rappers, idol rappers, or both.

Throughout the video, you see him rise above them, as seen with him “cooking” and later letting the dogs devour the food (“Cooking my rap at the YG kitchen. Hungry MCs can just go stave off starvation. If you like this song, then shove it down your throat”).

Additionally, he “throws away his leash” and wears a gold chain, showing off his success. Unlike the others who keep digging and not getting anywhere, because they aren’t him.

The ‘dog dance’ seems to be more of a mockery of the dogs, as his facial expressions and movements seem to be lazy and sarcastic. He’s better than them, and he knows it.

By the end of the video, he’s walking away, free from the cages while all the other the dogs — the rappers — are still captive. Other rappers, compared to him, are stuck in an rut, they’re unoriginal. He’s fought to be successful for years, and he’s finally been recognized, and he’s at the top. 

Just a nod and a smile yet it says so much

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